What is an OTC workshop?
An OTC workshop presents a wide variety of outdoor activities, leading to an ever-lasting learning by means of self-experiencing a number of group situations and tasks. The tasks, games and situations presented, aim at facilitating generative and creative solutions, which will enrich the participants, both, as individuals and as a team.
By working in a natural setting, the participants fully enjoy and openly accept the challenges posed while having fun, thus setting the die, so to speak, in a completely natural fashion.
The role of the coach in charge, together with the leader/area chief of the group, will be that of a close observer, facilitating and guiding the process.
The follow-up of the process is important and will be performed by the coach or the leader/area chief of the team and it will prove vital in the re-creation of the process as the need crops up, in order to keep everything acquired in the training, within easy reach.

Tailor-made for Teachers/Docents
With classes starting, challenges come anew. The hustle and bustle in the teachers´ room wins the day. The idea of meeting new faces in the classroom, reaching goals and whatnot, becomes definitely priority number one.
It goes without saying that the importance of shared tasks and responsibilities will definitely make the difference.
Joining an OTC workshop, will facilitate useful and innovative tools which will allow the group of teachers to witness and enjoy their transformation into a highly performing T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More) in which all of its members will surely share their commitment and feeling of belonging. - Email: / - Mobile: 505-967-6845
Mobile: 505-967-6845