About Matilde Machiavello
Educator, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Outdoor Team Coach, Business & Life Coach, Professional Storyteller

Matilde Machiavello is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience to accompany those in search of fulfilling their dreams.

Her twenty or more years of experience as an educator, working with people, both on a one to one basis and with groups, inspire her to search for tools leading to the improvement of effective communication and enhancement of people’s inner talents and creativity.

Matilde found in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming a world of new and promising strategies for those in search of excellence.

Later on, in her constant quest, she encountered Brain Gym® which provided her with the kind of 'aha' moments which completed what she believes is 'the' perfect blend to apply in any personal or professional path to growth and success.

As a storyteller, Matilde believes in the ‘magic power of stories’ at the moment of shaping a new and ideal reality, overcoming obstacles and/or healing. She shares her skill with NGOs supporting women recovering from trauma and painful experiences.

Matilde is also a mother, grandmother, and loyal friend, rejoicing in sharing time with her loved ones. - Email: / - Mobile: 505-967-6845
Mobile: 505-967-6845